With waves consistently breaking on eight and a half miles of beautiful sandy beach, Huntington Beach epitomizes the California beach lifestyle.  In 1925 Duke Kahanamoku, the legendary Hawaiian swimmer and surfer introduced surfing to Huntington Beach and the sport’s popularity quickly spread along the California Coast. In 1959, the first US Surfing Championship was held in Huntington Beach.  The annual event was televised in 1960 and brought international attention to Huntington Beach, reinforcing its surfer’s paradise reputation and earning its nickname as Surf City USA®.

Since then, Surf City USA® has become a center for surf culture and beach lifestyle. It is home to some of the world’s leading companies in the surf industry, the International Surf Museum, the Surfing Hall of Fame, and the Surfing Walk of Fame.  Due to Huntington Beach’s geographic location, surfers of all skill levels can find waves to surf.

Over 11 million visitors come to Huntington Beach each year.  Biking along the boardwalk, shopping Main Street, walking the 1822 ft. pier, and hanging out on the beach are just some of the fun things Huntington Beach locals and visitors enjoy.